Lacey Planning Commission recommends 6-year transportation improvement program


The Lacey Planning Commission formally recommended its six-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to the city council.

Members of the commission unanimously voted in favor of the recommendation during a public hearing on Tuesday, May 16.

"The main purpose of the tip is to track state and federal grants and regionally significant projects," said Transportation Manager Martin Hoppe. "All projects need to be on the comprehensive plan or consistent with a comprehensive plan."

Hoppe clarified that the $194,400,000 budget stated on the TIP only shows an estimate of what the projects would cost if the city would do it today, but the projects are expected to be done within the next six years.

"We can't do anything unless we get a grant," clarified Hoppe.

The six-year TIP includes widening Carpenter Road from Martin Way to Britton Parkway, safety improvements from Pacific Avenue to Shady Lane, Marvin Road from Britton Parkway to Columbia Drive, Martin Way / I-5 Interchange Improvements and Carpenter Road Widening.

Other projects planned are Rainier Road from Yelm Highway to South City Limits, Britton Parkway -- Phase II, College Street Corridor Improvements, Yelm Highway Improvements from Ruddell Rd to Amtrak Bridge and Martin Way East Roadway Improvements.

Lacey Hawks Prairie Business District (LHPBD) Commercial Corridors, College Street Corridor -- Phase 3 (College St and 16th Ave Roundabout), Willamette Dr and Campus Glen Drive Roundabout are also part of the plan.

Lacey is required to submit an annual TIP to the Thurston Regional Planning Council and Washington State Department of Transportation.


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