Lacey joins nation in commemorating Black History Month


The Lacey City Council strengthened its call to “dismantle racism” as it officially proclaimed February as Black History Month.

The proclamation, read by the whole council, emphasized the importance of celebrating the achievements of black Americans in various aspects of society.

"Black History Month is a time to honor the past, celebrate the present, and shape a future where every voice is heard,” the proclamation read.

The proclamation also highlighted the theme for this year's Black History Month: "African Americans and the Arts,” emphasizing how the month honors the achievements and contributions of blacks and African Americans to various aspects of society, including economic, cultural, spiritual, and political development.

Representatives from the Pearl Foundation of Puget Sound attended the meeting on February 6 to accept the proclamation.

They expressed gratitude for the recognition and stressed the importance of uplifting and empowering the black community through cultural expression and artistic endeavors.

“This recognition not only celebrates the rich tapestry of Black Heritage,” they said. “But also acknowledges the tireless effort of many organizations like ours in uplifting and empowering our community.”


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