Lacey considers increasing the size of its parks commission


During the regular Lacey City Council meeting on Thur., Sept. 2, Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Burbidge introduced a recommendation to expand the Board of Park Commissioners from five to seven.

Burbidge shared that increasing the number of board members would allow for better community representation. “Increase board membership would result in more diversity and more expertise to help benefit Lacey parks, culture, and recreation.”

Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder also suggested that the two members might come from the Urban Growth Area. “I think it’s important,” Ryder shared. Currently, the board has five regular members and one youth member. Expanding the size of the board will change the membership to seven regular members plus a youth member.

To jumpstart the process, the director shared that they are planning to send a letter to the city council to recommend the increase. Lacey City Manager Scott Spence also advised the council to include the discussion as a part of the city council’s work session. For the next step, council members will work towards drafting an ordinance that would expand the size of the board.

In their discussion, Ryder also took the opportunity to confirm Gary Laron’s appointment as a new member of the Board of Park Commissioners.


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