Lacey City Council sets formation hearing to resolve Tolmie Park Estates' failing septic system


To initiate the process of resolving a neighborhood’s failing septic system, the Lacey City Council scheduled a formation hearing on Thu., Feb. 3, for the establishment of a Utility Local Improvement District (ULID) for Tolmie Park Estates.

In a presentation during the city council meeting yesterday, Thu., Jan. 6, Lacey Water Resources Manager Peter Brooks explained that parcels within the Tolmie Park Estates neighborhood currently use a Large On-site Septic System (LOSS). Since the neighborhood had been around for quite some time the LOSS is failing and is currently contaminating surface and groundwater which flows through Eagle Creek and eventually to Puget Sound.

To protect the water quality, Lacey pledged $2 million towards the total project cost of $3 million. To be eligible for funding, the neighborhood must become part of a Utility Local Improvement District (ULID).

Overall, owners of 36 of Tolmie Park Estates’ 47 parcels, or 76 percent of the homeowners have signed the petition approving the establishment of a ULID. As an incentive, homeowners who agree to connect with the city’s sewer system will have a 50 percent rebate from the connection cost.

During the discussion, Brooks also mentioned that membership to a ULID may also be the first step towards annexation of the neighborhood into the city of Lacey.  “It will happen if they move forward with this,” Brooks said.

Lacey Public Works Director Scott Egger, however, believed that the city council must first prioritize resolving the failing water system before the annexation as it might interfere with the process.

The formation hearing is scheduled during the regular city council meeting. Concerned residents are encouraged to share their concerns or objections regarding Tolmie Park Estates’ membership in the ULID.


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