Lacey adds new modern police station to Capital Facilities Plan

Expected to include volunteer and emergency spaces


The Lacey City Council unanimously approved Ordinance 1637 which amends the Capital Facilities Plan to add the construction of the Lacey Police Station.

During the public meeting on Thursday, May 18, Lacey Planning Manager Ryan Andrews explained that the Capital Facilities Plan is a mandatory element of the city's Comprehensive Plan, adding that the plan started in 1993 and was last updated in 2019.

“It is overdue time for an overhaul of our Capital Facilities Plan,” said Andrews, explaining that the city staff plans to finish the update by the second half of 2023.

Andrews said the target is to begin the construction of the new police station in 2024.

The new station would include amenities of a modern station, “including a variety of spaces for police staff and volunteer programs as well as a community room that will double as a new Emergency Operations Center.”

Secured parking for police staff and fleet vehicles was also included in the approximately 45,750 square feet new station.

Prior to the council’s decision, the Lacey Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on the amendment on March 21 and there was no oral or written public testimony.

“We are all looking forward to having a facility that meets the needs of our police department,” said Councilmember Robin Vazquez.

“I hope we are just as thoughtful and creative and persistent in trying to find funding into a childcare facility as we have in building the police station,” she added.

Andrews clarified that the plan for a new childcare facility would be part of the recommendations moving forward, however, would not appear in the Capital Facilities Plan because the proposed facility would be under the school district’s jurisdiction.




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  • warrenh50

    Where exactly will this proposed building be?

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