Kelly Clark named Tumwater Police's Officer of the Year 


The Tumwater Police Guild recognized Officer Kelly Clark as the city’s 2023 Officer of the Year. Police Chief John Weiks presented the award on Tuesday, June 4, during the Tumwater City Council meeting.  

Weiks described Clark as highly regarded by other officers, especially among other patrol officers. 

“He is quite a leader in the center of patrol and has become such a consistent presence at TPD that [he] could almost be taken for granted. Kelly has represented 'team before self' at a high level in 2023,” Weiks said about the officer. 

Officer Kelly Clark
Officer Kelly Clark

“Officer Clark is often unaffected by the day-to-day changes and drama of the job as he projects a singular focus: do the work, do it right, do it together. Routinely, Officer Clark goes out of his way to assist his fellow officers offering his experience and expertise in any way that may help, particularly for younger officers,” the police chief also said. 

Weiks further commended Clark for filling up gaps in the patrol division’s schedule while maintaining his responsibilities as the only officer in the Metro program. The police chief said that no other officer has worked a more unstable schedule in 2023 as Clark did.  

Police Officer Kelly Clark (top left) was awarded as the 2023 officer of the year in Tumwater.
Police Officer Kelly Clark (top left) was awarded as the 2023 officer of the year in Tumwater.
Clark, who has been with the police department for 25 years, was chosen for the award by his peers. As he was accepting the award, Clark thanked his family for keeping him grounded and said that he was honored to be working with the people they have in the police department. 

“I was actually really surprised, very honored, and humbled to be working with a great crew of people that we have here working for the police department. As I was getting ready for this evening, I was thinking about I'm on the downhill slope of my career, and I'm going to miss working with all these fine offers that we have here at Tumwater,” he added. 

As part of the recognition, the police department awarded Clark with a plaque and a US flag that has been flown over both the US and State Capitol buildings. 


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