In Every Breath a Prayer - By David Hanig

A review of this new book


Local first-time author David Hanig's new book, In Every Breath a Prayer, tells the story of the author’s early childhood pain and his road to recovery. An unusual book, it combines prose intermingled with poetry.

He starts out with images of his childhood and his mother’s distresses. In the beginning, his poetry is stimulated by some of his most heartbreaking, emotional glimpses of his anguish. As he progresses on this journey, his poetry evolves into hope, resoluteness and strength. What's most surprising is the beauty he expresses as his soul speaks. At only 90 pages this book is deceptively profound.

This is a faithful, timely account of trauma, resilience and healing. Hanig shows how introspection and dutiful work can turn that hurt into something unshakeable and pure. And it’s a spiral. He declares he is a work in progress. This glimpse into his steps of the internal, introspective calling is enlightening.

A successful business executive living an abundant life, today Hanig volunteers and contributes to several nonprofits. Here is a brave man whose trauma has not outwardly held him back. Yet, in this inner trek, he deals with seemingly insurmountable challenges with courage and strength.

The dictionary defines trauma as an emotional upset, a state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental and behavioral disorder that can develop because of exposure to a traumatic event. It doesn’t occur simply because of wartime incidents. It is made up of experiences that have injured us emotionally.

David Hanig shows us that his heroic struggle is a journey of courage.

As Hanig shares his experiences in In Every Breath a Prayer: A Journey of Healing in Verse and Prose, his words are inspiring and evocative. Whether one is contemplating significant trauma, or simply reflecting on those instances where it seems life handed out problems, Hanig’s words ring true. The words are so vivid that it’s heartbreaking to feel the sadness, and he shows us that the process leads to an alleviating space.

What this book shows us is that awareness of wanting to experience life differently is the first step. And that first step can lead to deeper understanding of those disheartening emotions. Journeying through these emotional valleys can be purifying. Tears can wash away the haze of pain and renew. Being in the feeling of that hurt led to certainty that Hanig deserved better. It’s as if he swam into a sea of transformation, of miracles, and dove into his resilience. He is in a state of gratitude for being in his knowing that Every Breath is a Prayer.

David Hanig is a wayshower!

This is a self-portrait of authenticity, vulnerability and valor.

So, if you are in a place where transformation is calling you, or perhaps you are assisting someone else in their growth… or you simply want to be inspired… this book is for you.

Overwhelming. Edifying. Intimately and soulfully told.

The narrative is wonderful. The prose is illuminating and the poetry is enchanting. Enjoy!

The book is available from OrcaBooks and other online booksellers. 

Linda Villegas Bremer is a management consultant, life coach, and teaches classes in Spanish to students around the world. 


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