Ensign Road homeless encampment set for clean-up next week


Olympia officials announced on Wednesday that it will conduct a clean-up on the vehicle encampment along Ensign Road next Monday, July 12.

The clean-up is a part of the city’s program which aims to remove trash, promote hygiene, and encourage residents living in homeless camps to move into permanent housing. A similar but less extensive project cleaned up the Deschutes Parkway encampments on April 7.

For Ensign Road, the clean-up includes removing debris and wastes that have built-up over the years. The city plans to remove abandoned vehicles, clear the sidewalks as well as the bike lanes, and improve access to sanitation in the area.

The clean-up is scheduled from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Later that day city staff will determine whether they will need to extend the clean-up until July 13. The project is led by the City’s housing and homelessness programs, with the support of the Olympia Police Department (OPD), the Crisis Response Unit (CRU), Public Works Department, Parking Services, Code Enforcement, and the Clean Team.

Currently, there are around 50 vehicles parked on Ensign Road, with the majority of the vehicles serving as shelters for the homeless. The city will also refer individuals who are living in the camping shelters for permanent supportive housing.

The move is also in line with the city’s plan to launch its Scattered Site Program on July 15. In partnership with Thurston County Regional Housing Council (RHC), the city will launch its pilot program for scattered-site safe parking which will run for one year.


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  • allislost

    These cleanups are pointless. Well, they do keep the trash and debris from getting to be 20 foot tall heaps. The Deschutes Parkway cleanup just happened, and already it's building up trash again. The JOLT team should take a running video of the length of Wheeler St., it is UNBELIEVABLE! Or even take some still shots. It has been this way for months. And months.. The city is insuring the destruction of all the trees both at Deschutes and Wheeler.

    Saturday, July 10, 2021 Report this

  • Mrakymrakaframa

    The homeless are out of control obviously and most of them don't want to change because there's no consequences for there actions. They are handed everything they need and yet they still steal and terrorize the community. Why can't they take a piece of woods that's JBLM property ? All the woods that aren't being used for anything. Take some acerage that's out of town and away from society and kids and put a big ol fence around it and don't let them come around neighborhoods or anywhere but that spot in the woods. Once a week the city can bring a garbage truck of trash and dump it in the encampment. If they want out of the encampment they need to do what is needed to be done. Like some serious drug treatment for starters.

    Saturday, July 10, 2021 Report this