Colorful and inclusive equity in flags for Lacey with the new revisions to the Flag Policy

3 new flags now allowed in Lacey


Lacey’s Commission on Equity finalized its proposed amendments to the City’s Flag Policy during its meeting yesterday, allowing the Juneteenth Flag, Nisqually Indian Tribe Flag and the Squaxin Island Tribe Flag to fly over city facilities.

Lacey Assistant City Manager Shannon Kelley-Fong said the idea to update the existing Flag Policy started when the Commission on Equity recommended flying the Juneteenth flag at the Regional Athletic Center as part of the commemoration in June.

“We’re looking to provide recommendations on making the Flag Policy more robust,” Kelley-Fong said.

The existing Flag Policy indicates that Lacey can only allow flying a different flag on the city-owned flag poles if it is the flag of its sister city,  Mińsk Mazowiecki in Poland, or the Pride Flag.

In its recommendation, the Commission on Equity added the three other flags can replace the official Lacey flag on the City’s flagpoles.

The Commission on Equity also recommended specifying that the Progress Pride Flag be added to the policy.

“The city’s flagpoles are to be used exclusively by the city, where the Lacey City Council may display a commemorative flag as a form of government expression,” the Commission on Equity’s recommendation read.

If approved, the proposed policy draft states there will be five flags that are allowed to replace the official Lacey flag:

  • Sister City Flag: The flag of Lacey’s sister city may be flown during the visit of a sister city delegation to City Hall.
  • The Progress Pride Flag: The Progress Pride Flag will be flown annually from June 1 to June 30, except when the Juneteenth Flag is flown.
  • The Juneteenth Flag: The Juneteenth Flag will be flown annually from June 19 to the third weekend of June or the third weekend of June to June 19, depending on the year, at City Hall and the Regional Athletic Complex.
  • The Nisqually Indian Tribe Flag: The Nisqually Indian Tribe Flag will be flown annually from November 1 to November 15, provided the City receives consent from the Nisqually Indian Tribe.
  • Squaxin Island Tribe Flag: The Squaxin Island Tribe Flag will be flown annually from November 16 to November 30, provided the City receives consent from the Squaxin Island Tribe annually.

The Community Relations Committee will review the Commission on Equity’s recommendations and submit them to the Lacey City Council.


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  • Tractor1

    That's just fine as long as the displays DO NOT conflict with the US Flag code.

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  • wolfmanner

    More bowing down to the wacko woke mobs.

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  • Panagringo

    I hope they are not spending too much of my tax dollars on this crap

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  • Panagringo

    Let me restate, I hope they’re not paying these people.

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  • Cobbnaustic


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