Bob Iyall selected Chair of Port of Olympia Commission

Commissioners discuss conflict of interest claims


Newly elected to the Port of Olympia Commission, businessman Bob Iyall was selected by the other two commissioners to be the new Port of Olympia Chair during a special commission meeting on Wed., Jan 12. 

During the election of the Port’s Commission officers, Iyall volunteered to serve as chair, while he nominated Commissioner Amy Evans as Vice-President and Commissioner Joe Downing as the secretary. His suggestion was approved by the other commissioners. 

Conflict of interest discussion

The commission also addressed concerns regarding criticism that Commissioner Evans has a conflict of interest, especially with regards to Evans’ involvement with the proposed Panattoni deal. Port of Olympia General Counsel VaLiesha Brown believed that as per Commission Resolution 2021-03, the commissioners have not committed any act that involves a conflict of interest. 

“A conflict of interest is a standard of conduct violation,” Brown said. She continued, “at this point here on January 12…Commissioner Evans…and Commissioner Iyall’s tenure as a commissioner, we don’t have any activity or actions that are being taken that are known to me as the subject of a potential conflict violation,” the counsel concluded. Executive Director Sam Gibboney confirmed that she did not receive any complaint on conflict of interest. 

Downing also shared his support for Evans, “I want to express my total support for Commissioner Evans and the steps that she had taken from the potential Panattoni lease. And I think she’s doing everything right.” 


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