Bagel burglary, woman allegedly smashed coffee stand window for food


Thurston County Sheriff's Office deputies took a woman in custody after she allegedly broke in and stole bagels from an espresso stand.

In the early hours of January 12, law enforcement responded to a reported burglary at Madres Espresso on Cooper Point Road NW, Olympia.

A witness residing just across the espresso stand called 911 after witnessing an individual attempting to break into the stand, describing the suspect as wearing a large black jacket, a black backpack, and a towel or blanket while carrying cardboard boxes.

The witness told dispatch that the individual was allegedly breaking the window of the espresso stand and placing items into their backpack and that the person started walking westbound towards 31st Avenue NW.

Dispatch also received a burglary alarm that was triggered at the location.

Upon arrival, deputies located an individual matching the given description at the intersection of 31st Avenue NW and Woodtrails Drive NW.

The female suspect was wearing a black coat, had a black backpack and a gray towel, and was carrying cardboard boxes. A high-risk stop was performed, and the suspect was detained.

During the arrest, a bagel still in its packaging fell from the stack of cardboard boxes, and more bagels were then revealed inside the suspect's backpack. The suspect “appeared to be under the influence of narcotics as she kept falling asleep as I was speaking to her and had a slurred speech.”

The responding deputies followed the suspect’s footsteps in the snow, leading back to Madres Espresso where it was confirmed that the stolen items were indeed from the stand.

An employee of Madres Espresso verified the stolen bagels and stated that the suspect had broken the window to access the food items priced at $3 each.

The suspect “stole seven food items in total. Making the total $21 worth of items stolen,” TCSO stated in its police report. When putting the suspect into a patrol car, the officer reported that she “asked if she could have the food” that had been in the bag.

The coffee stand employee reported potential damages of around $400 for window repair and mentioned having surveillance cameras, which she would try to access to provide additional evidence for the authorities.

The witness who reported the incident recounted observing the suspect breaking the window who “used her hand to break the window but might have had something in her hand to assist with breaking it,” said the witness to the TCSO responding deputies.

The suspect was booked into the Thurston County Jail, facing charges of second-degree burglary and third-degree theft based on matching the provided description and being found in possession of the stolen items.


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  • SecondOtter

    Why is this report so late? This crime was committed almost a month ago.

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