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I want the Council to be responsive to this situation and to respect the members of the their advisory committees who have expressed concern as well.

Let's be clear, if the City annexes an area in SE Olympia they will see an increase in revenues. However, they will also see an increase in obligations for services such as police, street repair, sidewalks and parks. Adding more population and land area does not 'pay for itself' when it is primarily residential. Saying that the SE annexation will somehow make up for the loss of parks funding is simply wrong.

Parks advocates are not saying that fire services should not be funding adequately. The City could ask the voters for a Levy Lid Lift to fund fire services.The City and the MPD could amend their Interlocal Agreement to increase the percent of the General Fund that is dedicated to parks. That would keep the intent of the portion of funds that would go to parks after the RFA $1.00 of tax authority is removed.

The City made a commitment to sustain parks funding at certain levels when they asked voters to approve the MPD. That commitment was the foundation of why people were willing to vote to tax themselves more for parks.

From: Proposed Regional Fire Authority’s property tax shift and fee would not occur until 2024

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