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The issue of the restaurant, Chick-fil-A having a presence in our community is a big issue. This restaurant is known throughout the USA to have policies that promote racism, ***ism, and anti- LGBTQ issues. We all know that money rules the world, and the way to fight these bad policies is to avoid buying their product, avoiding their store, picketing, or fighting their push into our neighborhood!

I remember when Ralph's Thriftway and Bayview Market (owned by same persons), downtown Olympia, did the same thing.

They have pharmacies in their stores.

In the 1980's they had an issued that they pushed;

they wanted their staff, their pharmacists to be able to refrain from giving women birth control;

"plan B" as it was called back in the 1980's, "the morning after pill".

The owners of Ralph's took this issue to the WA State Supreme court, etc, and the ACLU got involved.

My point is this; people still shop at Ralph's and at Bayview in downtown Olympia.

Maybe we should also re examine their involvement in a "Women's Right to Choose", just as we are

examining Chick-fil-A and their nation wide policies.

We need to BOYCOTT THEM!

Ralph's owners pushed legally, to stop woman getting their birth control. This is wrong.

From: Site Plan committee hears plan for new fast-food restaurant

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