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Chick-fil-A and its executive shave a long history of anti-LGBTQ political activity. Initially it was done at the corporate level, but now seems to be carried out by the corporate executives in their own name.

The choice of this site may be related to that. Most fast food restaurants want an entry directly from a public street. This site has its only entry from within the interior roads of Capital Mall. That may enable them to prevent political protesters from gathering where people turn into the restaurant, as they will have done so at a major mall entrance, mixed with all other mall traffic. Once within the mall property, the mall security could remove protesters.

This company's politics will offend many in Olympia. I suspect they selected this property because of the buffer it provides against political protest. It makes no sense at all as a fast food location otherwise.

Once can find stories on the company politics easily.****phobia-dan-cathy****plained-2021-6

From: Site Plan committee hears plan for new fast-food restaurant

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