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Institutional knowledge as to exactly why the gentleman was recognized at the time. We all may have flaws. Black racism seems to be taking over.

Traditionally, we had indentured servants (predominantly white from the Barbary Coast and black from Africa). After working off his servitude, one of the black former indentured servants Anthony Johnson, went to court, and won, for the right to own a person. First he acquired black slaves for himself, then sold to his black friends, then to the native Americans and others, including whites.

It tok the north about 10 years to do away with slavery. In 1860, when a white Republican freed the slaves, THOUSANDS of black families owned at least one slave, the natives owned TENS OF THOUSANDS.

We all have burdens to carry. Let's try to be fair to all, including Johnson and Thurston.

From: Rename Thurston County? Why not?

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