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Here again, as is so very often the case, the City of Olympia demonstrates very poor budgeting abilities. As Bob Jacobs comments, they lack discipline; moreover, they lack the willingness to value and respect the hard-earned tax money that ordinary citizens pay in taxes.

In my experience watching the City of Olympia, they're mighty fast and loose with money for special interests such as consultants, but they ignore the basics of taking care of what is owned by the taxpayers that obviously requires routine maintenance and upkeep.

Our elected officials are always quick to put out their hands for more more more without demonstrating the kind of discipline with money management that the taxpayers and citizens must demonstrate to try and keep roofs over our heads these days. We ordinary people don't have the ability to write checks on somebody else's dime and must maintain the kind of vigilance that our electeds eschew arrogantly.

From: Olympia's facilities assessment finds 260 deficiencies; city projecting replacement costs for the next 20 years

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