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We love The Jolt. We have even sent you news tips, such as the following:

>>It is with great concern that we learned that JBLM is denying veterans access to suicide prevention resources and crisis counseling on-post. We respect our military and honor our troops for the sacrifices that they make and believe that every veteran in crisis has earned the right to counseling and religious and spiritual guidance.

After reaching out to Chaplains at JBLM we learned that the Chaplains are always willing to provide support and guidance to veterans in need. However, we were told that it is the JBLM Directorate of Emergency Service / DES that is denying veterans access to counseling and support services, by denying these veterans access to post, and that there is little the Chaplains can do to assist veterans in need if the DES keeps these veterans from having access to on-post counseling, spiritual guidance and religious services.<<

Keep up the good work. We always enjoy reading The Jolt. Thanks.

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