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I live in one of those communities with an HOA-controlled, contracted, landscaped, front lawn patch. It does nothing except require the landscape company's maintenance. I put in my personal request to forbid chemical use since I realized that I had no bugs or other living creatures in my garden. Now I'm seeing lovely bugs returning even though I do have weeds in my lawn. I do want to comment to AugieH who would plant Scotch broom. OMG! This is an invasive species that no one can eradicate. This is a scourge in our state that many are highly allergic to and most of us hate mightily. You can't kill it. There are hybrids to plant in a garden now, but the wild, invasive broom forces out all native species and destroys habitat. Nothing eats it except gnats, as far as I can tell. So what if it's yellow? So are yellow jackets, but I don't want them in my yard.

From: Are lawns evil?

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