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There is a lot of turnover in County staff. One reason for that high turnover is most likely a low pay scale for workers. Turnover is expensive in many ways, including training for new people to get them up to speed. Time is money, and the County does not operate efficiently with this level of turnover. Workers are just waiting for a job to open up that pays more, then jump ship within the County jobs. The replacements are less knowledgeable, less versed. Cheaper workers are expensive. The inefficiency becomes glaringly obvious when it comes to getting permits approved, and in getting any project moved off dead center. This County would save money by paying wages that don't encourage turnover. A knowledgeable, stable, enthusiastic workforce would save everybody money. I would urge the County to consider using some underspending on its work force. Hiring a highly trained worker would make a huge difference to all of us who have been subjected to starting over, time and again, with someone new every few months.

From: County 2024 budget looking at fixes to combat inflation issues to be able to fill vacant positions

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