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This is the clearest summation of the issue I’ve seen.

It would be great if JOLT did an expanded in-depth news story, or series, on this with an expanded range of viewpoints from multiple stakeholders (including taxpayers of course). While I appreciate such a clear Opinion piece, I think an actual news article with an investigative bent and objective analysis would be just as valuable, if not more.

That takes resources, of course, but I would donate to specific coverage of topics (in addition to general support of JOLT) that delve deep into some of the more debated and complicated civic issues in the community (MFTE, Port of Olympia marine terminal, etc) that cannot be sufficiently illuminated by coverage of meetings or opinion pieces. I believe this approach has been taken by other similar news outlets across the country in recent years. Might be worth a look.

From: Olympia is planning to shift more taxes from wealthy developers to everyone else

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