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This account is concise and subjective on purpose. We cannot monolith the houseless person's experience. As a person who has the utmost compassion for 'rough sleepers' I understand his point of view to be shaped by the circumstances by which his parent's brought him into this world; and, the loss of self-worth that accompanies these circumstances.

I often perceive the 'bad faith' logic (i.e. he doesn't want help; he's a criminal, etc.) of most people as feeling helpless about Homelessness--and this is represented by the impulse to further moralize the issue as an individual's fault. We could all do a lot better at utilizing our gratitude within ourselves as having our needs met, AND extending compassion by asking how to help. Otherwise, we are participating in the similar downgraded lack of self-worth that 'rough-sleepers' are facing everyday.

From: Billy Kimbler: His story

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