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Oh Please! Root cause people....root cause. Let's recap....homelessness is his choice; drug addict; criminal; doesn't want to work; won't go to a shelter; chose Olympia because he likes the freebees Olympia gives people who choose this lifestyle. This is about choice. His choice. Stop making this lifestyle an option and he will make other choices. By his own admission, he is capable of working, capable of making other decisions. But why should he - why would he? WAKE UP OLYMPIA before it's too late. People don't need freebees - they need solutions to the root cause of their problems; mental health; drug addiction; criminal behaviors. Yep - I'm talking about mandatory programs that give people the option of dealing with their drug problem or mental health issues or spending their time in jail. I don't have a problem with my hard earned tax dollars being used to support programs that lead to solutions and support people who will become contributors to our society; I do have a serious problem funding bandaids for people who love to watch themselves bleed!!

From: Billy Kimbler: His story

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