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You probably missed the message because you had assumed that I’m on team “red”. I appreciate you calling me a bigot and implying that I should move away. Now take a deep breath and collect yourself, I’m probably not the racist, right-wing transphobe you were hoping for... so pretend I’m your next door neighbor and that we have a common interest in our city government prioritizing resources for the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Of course transgender people exist, but maybe it’s ridiculous to keep drawing attention to it.

Our town has plenty of pressing issues, but a lack of recognition for the LGBT community certainly isn’t one of them. This was another example of our city leaders throwing money at solutions without problems. I’m sure the transgender folks in our community would happily have foregone a couple festive sidewalks if they knew that money could have fed a hungry family for months.

P.S. You may want to check your math… if our annual budget is $17.8B then you can paint all the crosswalks you want. So you’re off by a couple orders of magnitude…. percentages can be confusing and third grade math was a long time ago.

P.P.S. I regret guessing at the cost of the project. Bottom line, it wasn’t free.

From: Olympia paints transgender flag colors on crosswalks for Pride Month

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