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The natural gas grid is failing, while the electricity grid is thriving.

I believe that the City generally needs to do these things to achieve the carbon mitigation goals that the City has set for itself. Whether these particular proposals are perfect is a deeper question.

If you are concerned about somebody "flipping the switch" install solar and a backup battery. Or use your Ford Lightning or other EV as a backup system for your house.

In new construction, gas is already not cost-effective, because you have to pay the gas utility $11.50/month just to be connected, and new homes use so little energy than you cannot save it back with a sometimes-cheaper fuel. The code amendments that take effect July 1 will reinforce this. The City proposals go just a little bit further.

But there is an important element missing from the City proposal: they need to be requiring PSE to underground all remaining overhead distribution lines. As we become more dependent on electricity (my gas furnace won't run when the power is out), they need to make sure that storms don't result in multi-day outages. That has to be a part of the package to increase our electricity-dependence.

From: Olympia wants communities' thoughts on proposed building electrification amendments

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