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We have seen the citizens of this county file into the Port of Olympia meetings for months.

During the Port meetings, they talk of their complaints regarding the Port as an employer. At that time, months ago,

the Port Commissioners said that it would "take care of this situation".

Then a top Port employee, Mr. A. Roe, sued the Port because of employment issues.

The Port commissioners have not taken care of this. At this first meeting, eight

months ago, many complaints were listed against Port Manager Ms. Sam Gibboney.

These complaints were never addressed by the Port Commissioners, they

continue to stonewall on this issue. Fire Gibboney! Fire her "for Cause". We need

a manager who talks with people, who does not bully people, who is responsive

to the citizens of this county! Thanks.

From: Port Commission at an impasse about union contract until negotiations finish mediation

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