Two felony charges for Olympia woman allegedly found asleep in stranger’s home


A transient Olympia woman was charged with two felonies after she allegedly pried her way into a stranger’s home, slept on his couch, and stole his belongings.

Erica Ricarla Doyle, 37, was charged with residential burglary and third-degree theft by the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney on August 9.

Olympia police arrested Doyle on August 8 after a man reported that a woman he did not know was asleep on his couch when he arrived at his home on 21st Avenue SE.

The reporting party said he returned home from a trip and noticed that his back screen door was locked, even though he never leaves it that way, because the door can only be locked from inside the house.

The man said he went into his home and found a woman sleeping on his couch. He said he grabbed a knife and told her to get out, and the woman exited through the back door, leaving behind food, a China set, and a bike.

About an hour later, the man reported that the woman reentered his house through an open bedroom window and fled out the back door when he tried to confront her.

The reporting party said he lost two phones each worth $200 to $300, as well as all the mail in his mailbox.

Police arrived at the scene and observed fresh pry marks near the deadbolt, “where it was clear that the subject used a tool to manipulate the deadbolt to gain access to the residence,” according to the report.

The responding officer said that the man’s description of the suspect reminded him of Doyle, who is known to police from previous contacts.

Authorities found a woman, later identified as Doyle, matching the reporting party’s description walking at the intersection of Washington Street SE and 20th Avenue SE.

Police said Doyle was holding what appeared to be a metal slingshot. She said it was for protection. A search of Doyle yielded a large flathead screwdriver and a folding pocketknife.

Doyle told police that “it was in writing” that she was allowed to go into the home. She claimed that the owner of the home was dead.

Doyle was booked into the Thurston County Jail for first-degree burglary, third-degree theft, and unlawful possession of dangerous weapons.


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