Thurston County Public Works’ new interactive map gives real-time updates on road closures and traffic impacts


Thurston County Public Works (TCPW) has a new interactive map informing residents about road closures and traffic impacts in real time.

This initiative is part of the department's ongoing efforts to enhance community communication and improve public safety.

In addition to its interactive map rollout, TCPW is gearing up for the winter season.

The department has finalized its winter operations plan to mitigate the impacts on county roads and facilities, with the Road Operations Division leading the preparations.

The division has conducted a thorough inventory of essential supplies, including sand and anti-icing materials, for managing winter weather conditions.

Mike Lowman, Public Works Road Operations Division Manager, emphasized the importance of equipment readiness for successful winter operations, saying, "our equipment is crucial for successful winter operations. We've performed comprehensive inspections and maintenance on all machinery, from snowplows to sanders, to ensure they are ready to go when needed”.

Every team member has undergone specialized training in equipment operation and emergency response protocols to enhance preparedness.

The department has ensured that its personnel are well-equipped to handle any challenges during the winter season.

Real-time weather monitoring is a key component of the county's strategy for winter preparedness – the tool enables TCPW to strategically deploy resources and respond quickly and effectively to changing weather conditions.

Main arterial roads, emergency routes, and high-traffic areas are prioritized to maintain essential services and community safety even during adverse weather conditions.

Residents can also report road issues, such as fallen trees or debris, by visiting the online service request page.


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