Three transient men accused of taking over and trashing Eastside house


A woman returned to her Eastside residence after a few days away discovered three squatters living in her home, on Friday, Sept. 3.

Transients Joshua Ordway, 22; Nathan Cicco, 20; and Sebastian Barnett, 23, were arrested by Olympia police for residential burglary.

The homeowner told police that she had been away from her primary residence for a few days.  Upon her return home, the victim found that her back door had been ripped off of the hinges, she told The JOLT.

“Everything that was on shelves or in cupboards is spread all over the house.  Everything that was in the dining room was moved all over the house. Everything was thrown on the ground and trampled,” the victim said, adding  “dining-room chairs were tossed into the kitchen. The whole house was in disarray. They were searching for valuables, I suppose.”

Barnett was arrested by police as they entered the house, who told him that “Fez” said that he could live there.

Cicco was discovered further back in the house, and said that “Freddie” told him that the house was abandoned and that he could live there.

Ordway had an ID out of Alaska, and refused to talk more aside from confirming that no one else was in the residence. Police later discovered a Washington drivers license under his name.

Barnett, Cicco and Ordway were transported to the Thurston County Jail and booked on burglary charges.

The home is located just two blocks from another house allegedly taken over by squatters about which The JOLT reported on June 4, 2021.



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Linda Wilson

This poor woman! Is there go fund me or another way to help her get her home back in order?

4 days ago