Shoplifting suspect resists arrest, damages Tumwater police vehicle


A man arrested last Wed., April 7 at 11:34 a.m. for stealing food and candy from the Tumwater Safeway deli at 520 Cleveland Ave SE. is being held at Nisqually Corrections.

Cade Arlington Dausener, 35, resisted arrest and then damaged the inside of a Tumwater Police car as he was transported to the jail due to another outstanding Department of Corrections warrant.

According to the police report, Safeway store manager Melinda L. Spain had approached Dausener in the deli, as he was getting items from the counter, as well as candy. Dausener was described as having been wearing a medical mask and carrying a black Adidas backpack. She watched Dausener move toward the exit, with his arms full of items and approached him near the exit door, asking if she could help “ring up his items.”

Dausener flipped Spain off, swore at her, and then exited the store with the items, according to the police report.

Tumwater police units were at the Safeway location, responding to a separate incident. They were alerted by Safeway employees that Dausener had gone through a hole in a fence to the east of the Safeway building which leads to a neighborhood. Safeway alerted Tumwater police that they intended to pursue charges against Dausener for theft.

Tumwater officers observed Dausener walking along Fairfield Road. They exited the vehicle to contact Dausener, who backpedaled as “if he was thinking about running.” Told to stop by the officers, as he was about to be arrested, Dausener yelled “what for” and began running westbound through the Sunset Life building parking lot on the 3200 block of Capitol Blvd. Dausener threw a piece of candy onto the ground, pulled off his mask, threw off his hat, and continued to run back towards Safeway.

As the Tumwater police caught up with Dausener, he clenched his fists, yelling at them, “you are arresting me for stealing food?” He said this repeatedly to the officers.

Tumwater police reported that Dausener was acting odd and yelling “nonsensical” things. He was told to calm down several times, as the officer attempted to read Cade his Miranda Warnings, but Dausener would only yell “I’m not talking.”

Dausener’s backpack, with the stolen items of food from Safeway, was cut off of him in order to avoid removing his handcuffs.

Once inside the Tumwater patrol car, Dausener flailed around again, kicking the inside of the door, breaking the door handle off of the door. Dausener disallowed officers the ability to securely shut the door because he acted stiff, placing his head in the way of the door. Officers secured Dausener with "The Wrap" restraint, including padded headgear.


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