Olympia man accused of biting, restraining mother


An Olympia man was arrested on April 30 after a woman reported that her son bit her on the arm and restrained her.

The mother told police that she saw her son drinking beer and told him to stop consuming so much alcohol, causing him to get upset and call her a “demon.”

Out of concern for her son, the mother said, she took the drinks to her bedroom. The suspect continued to call her a “demon” and said he was going to “kill her” as well as “humanity.”

Once in her bedroom, the mother proceeded to call 911 in fear for her safety.

The mother said that, as she was calling 911, the suspect reached for her phone, leading to a physical struggle where he bit her right forearm. Her son also pinned her to the bed, police say she told them.

She also disclosed that her son had assaulted her in the past. Police later learned that the suspect had a warrant for fourth-degree assault and resisting arrest.

An officer noted that the mother’s right arm had teeth marks as well as slight swelling. She also had redness on the area of her right shoulder where police say the suspect held her down.

The suspect left his address after the incident. The mother confirmed that he had gone to his brother’s house, but as police were en route to that address, they learned that the suspect went to his daughter’s place to say goodbye because he wanted to “kill himself.”

A Thurston County Sheriff’s deputy later located the suspect driving down Ruddell Road. Authorities stopped him on Galena Street and the suspect stepped out of his car yelling “I have a gun.”

Police said the suspect did not comply with their orders and instead began running toward a Sheriff’s deputy who had his taser out.

The suspect was eventually handcuffed and placed into a wrap restraint. He was booked into the Thurston County Jail for unlawful imprisonment, fourth-degree assault, and interfering with the reporting of domestic violence.


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