No bail for suspect linked to homeless man found dead under Olympia bridge

The charge is murder in the second degree


The man who was arrested last Thu., Oct. 7, in connection with the body that was discovered under a downtown Olympia bridge is being held in custody without bail, according to documents from the Thurston County Superior Court.

The suspect, Antonio Princeton Lee Hooks, 24, made his preliminary appearance before the court last Fri., Oct. 8. The court found probable cause for second-degree murder.

According to the official investigative report cited by Thurston County deputy prosecutor Wayne Graham, police officers were called to probe a possible homicide last Mon., Oct. 4, after a dead body was found under the Fifth Avenue bridge.

A pathologist said the victim had “clearly [been] in a fight” due to the substantial bleeding on the face and head as well as a jaw fracture, a broken nose, and a bruised right ear.

Two witnesses interviewed by police said that they went with Hooks to the Fifth Avenue bridge to get high.

When they arrived, the witnesses told police that the victim was already at the bridge and was allegedly masturbating while staring at one of the three individuals.

The witnesses said Hooks got enraged and attacked the victim, punching and kicking him until he fell unconscious. Hooks was said to have kicked the victim in the face a second time, at which point the victim seemed to suffer a seizure and foamed at the mouth.

According to the witnesses, Hooks said, “What did I do?”

One witness attempted to aid the victim by rolling him on his side and splashed water on his face to wake him. The witnesses also said they used an electric lighter to shock the victim into waking up.

However, the victim only appeared to pull away from the lighter. The three individuals then left him.

Thurston County Coroner Gary Warnock earlier identified the victim as 47-year-old Patrick O’Neil, a homeless individual.

Hooks’ arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 19.

Note:  Previous stories identified the crime scene as being at the Fourth Avenue bridge, based on information available at the time of reporting. 


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