Merging fire departments: April 19 set for presentation to Tumwater and Olympia city councils

Regional Fire Authority committee plans its decision by end of June


The Regional Fire Authority (RFA) Planning Committee of Olympia and Tumwater will present its work plans to the city councils on Tuesday, April 19.

In its Monday meeting, members of the RFA Planning Committee ironed out their work plan as a preparation for the committee's presentation to the city councils next week.

The RFA Planning Committee expects feedback and recommendations after its separate presentations to the two city councils before moving forward on its work plan.

The meeting would not result in a final decision or even a move to action as there remain more discussions from the RFA Planning Committee and between the two city councils in the coming months.

The RFA Planning Committee is set to discuss the city councils' feedback and recommendations on their work plan at their next meeting on April 25, where they will also plan for their initial public outreach session.

Go or no go decision

Members of the RFA Planning Committee would decide if they want to move forward with their plan to merge Olympia’s and Tumwater's fire departments on June 27, after continued discussions and city council presentations.

Since January this year, RFA Planning Committee members have been meeting twice a month to sort out details on the plan to merge the two cities' fire departments. 

In its previous meetings, the RFA Planning Committee discussed the background of the two cities' existing fire departments, including their rank structures, union organizations, budgets, and other special programs. 

The two cities signed the interlocal agreement for the framework planning of a Regional Fire Authority in 2021.


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