Lacey recognizes September 20 National Voter Registration Day


The Lacey City Council officially set Tuesday, September 20, as National Voter Registration Day.

The council said the proclamation signed during its meeting Thursday, September 15, aims to “create awareness of elections and motivate eligible citizens to vote in coming months.

“The City of Lacey is committed to strengthening democracy by encouraging voter registration and increasing participation in all elections,” the council’s proclamation read.

Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall joined the council meeting to discuss the importance of voter registration.

“It is very simple to register to vote… it takes about 5 minutes,” said Hall.

Hall said the biggest goal for this year is to reach the young people as only about 70% of the 18 to 24 years old are registered to vote in Thurston County, and the group is also the lowest voter turnout population.

Hall added that citizens aged 16 to 17 can now pre-register to vote, and if they turned 18 before the general elections, they could vote in the primary.

“When we can get folks to register when they are young, we’re going to increase participation in our democracy,” she said.

Hall described the council’s move in reading the proclamation together as “powerful” as she thanked them for their cooperation and partnership in the efforts to raise awareness of voter registration.


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