Boyfriend allegedly assaults partner

Suspected her of cheating


A Shelton man was arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in her Tumwater apartment over suspicions of cheating.

Tumwater police arrested the suspect, 24, after his girlfriend reported him hitting her on May 10.

The girlfriend told police that her boyfriend went through her phone while she was sleeping, then woke her up, angry because of what he saw.

The couple got into an argument, the girlfriend said, and she tried to get her phone back but the suspect hit her in the head with a pillow.

The girlfriend said she moved away from the suspect, but he grabbed her from behind and squeezed her until it became hard for her to breathe.

She kept hitting and kicking the suspect to break free from his grip, the girlfriend told police, but he refused to let her go or to give back her phone, so she bit his arm while he was squeezing her.

The girlfriend said the suspect finally let her go and threw an object at the bathroom mirror, causing the glass to shatter. The suspect left the apartment and the woman called 911.

Police observed red marks on the girlfriend’s upper arms and the left side of her rib cage, as well as a bite mark on the suspect’s left arm and visible scratches on his face. Both denied medical aid. The shattered mirror was also found inside the bathroom.

The suspect was later located at a restaurant on Black Lake Boulevard. He told police that he became frustrated with his girlfriend after he looked through her phone and found indications of infidelity.

The suspect admitted to raising his voice at his girlfriend but denied ever striking her, instead claiming that his girlfriend was the one who started hitting him in the head and biting him in the arm.

A man from a neighboring apartment told police that he heard an argument between a man and a woman, with the woman yelling for help and asking for someone to call 911. The man said he walked outside and saw the suspect leaving while yelling at a woman.

The suspect was booked into the Nisqually Jail for fourth-degree assault and third-degree malicious mischief. He was released May 11, jail records show. An unloaded gun was also found in his vehicle.


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