Accused stalker of elderly couple was arrested, jailed and denied bail early this morning

Paperwork found showing accused man was intending to sue Olympia for $80 billion


A man accused of repeatedly stalking and harassing an elderly Olympia couple, Timothy Petrozzi, was captured early this morning by Olympia Police.

Based on the circumstances, the police worked late into the night with an Olympia municipal court judge to ensure that Petrozzi would be held in jail, concerned that he would again harass the couple.

Vicki and James Flynn, ages 73 and 82, told police that they do not know Petrozzi and that he has contacted them at their home several times over the past few years with various threats. They say they Petrozzi keeps showing up at their residence that they’ve lived at for 52 years, threatening to kill them.

The Flynns expressed fear for their personal safety due to their ages and the repetition of contacts. In their report to Olympia Police they say they are fearful of him because he “is mentally unstable and much larger and muscular than they are.”

Police report that the Flynns’ first contact with Petrozzi was on Dec. 17, 2019, when Petrozzi showed up at their driveway, throwing trash on their property and vehicles. Petrozzi threatened James that he would kill him if he called the police. Other interactions with Petrozzi, all initiated by Petrozzi, included June 22, 2020 where Petrozzi stood in front of their residence, staring for one hour at their house. When Olympia Police arrived, Petrozzi refused to leave until the police created a case number.

On Oct. 1, 2020 at 5:30 a.m., Petrozzi rang the Flynn’s doorbell, pounding on the front door, demanding that they open it. The Flynns looked through their security peep hole in the door, and Petrozzi was on the front porch, holding a large package in a brown bag, stating “you’ve been served.”

On Feb. 2, 2021, Petrozzi showed up mid-morning, ringing the Flynn’s doorbell, demanding that they open the door. Petrozzi reportedly said that he told the Flynns that he is suing them and also said “fuck you old man” to Mr. Flynn. Flynn got back in his red Ford Explorer, tailgated a neighbor, and gave an obscene gesture.

On Feb. 5, 2021, Petrozzi again rang the doorbell to the Flynns, delivering identical paperwork from the Feb. 2, 2021 contact and demanding to know where James Flynn worked.

Failure to secure no-contact orders

Twice, the Flynns have attempted to get no contact orders, in order to prevent Petrozzi from contacting and harassing them.

The first attempt was in October 2020, where a temporary order was granted, but then found to be unserviceable because Petrozzi could not be located.

In February 2021, the Flynns applied for another order, which was temporarily granted, but again, Petrozzi was not located for service and the order was dismissed as of March 15, 2021.

Olympia Police report that they contacted Petrozzi’s parents, Robert and Rebecca Petrozzi, about their son.  They told police that Timothy Petrozzi does not live with them, is not allowed on the property and they believe that he suffers from an undiagnosed, mental illness. The Petrozzis admitted to Olympia Police that they were aware that their son has threatened people in the past, with nonsense lawsuits and other random legal acts. The Petrozzis stated that they were apologetic to the Flynns for their son’s actions.

Events of April 2, 2021

On April 5, 2021 a neighbor of the Flynns, concerned for their welfare based on past issues with Petrozzi, watched as Petrozzi parked in the front of the Flynn’s residence with his red Ford Explorer, exiting the vehicle on at 4:39 p.m. and approaching the front porch of the Flynn’s home.

The Flynn’s neighbor, holding an 11-month-old toddler but carrying no phone, began repeating aloud the license plate and several vehicle details as Petrozzi returned to his vehicle. The Flynns live on a dead-end street, so it is uncommon for strangers to drive their vehicles near their residence.

After the Ford Explorer drove away, the neighbor went to check on the Flynns, seeing a wooden chair propped up against the front door of the residence as if to block it closed. Unable to reach the Flynns at the front door, the neighbor went around the back of the residence, calling out, but receiving no response. Another neighbor assisted by making a call to the Flynns’ a cell phone.

James Flynn told police that the wooden dining room chair propped up against the door handle of the front storm door, wedging the door from being opened, did not belong to them. James told Olympia Police that he felt it was an attempt by Petrozzi to keep them trapped inside their residence.

Flynn said that he also located a packet, in their mailbox, containing random legal paperwork showing that Petrozzi was filing a damage claim against the City of Olympia for $80 billion dollars. Also included in the packet was a copy of a notice from the US Supreme Court denying a petition for a writ of certiorari, addressed to Petrozzi. The paper also had a hand drawn picture of a rope noose, hanging from a tree branch. There were many other papers with hand written letters about Petrozzi ranting about different topics, then continuously changing the subject matter in his writings.

Events of April 15, 2021

Olympia Police located Petrozzi at 1:41 a.m. this morning on the 2500 block of Pacific Avenue as Petrozzi’s red Ford Explorer passed through the parking lot of the Mobil station and parked next to a gas pump. Olympia Police drove into the adjacent parking lot, causing Petrozzi to drive away, and into the parking lot of the Shell station at 2000 4th Avenue East across the street from the Mobil.

Olympia Police stopped Petrozzi, approaching the driver’s side window. They report that Petrozzi was very irritated that he had been stopped, claiming that it was an illegal detention. Petrozzi was argumentative but did not escalate as he was placed under arrest. At the time of Petrozzi’s arrest, he was carrying a money clip with $2,400 in cash inside the vehicle.

Petrozzi became agitated when Olympia Police mentioned the Flynns and the harassment case filed against him. Petrozzi began arguing that he had never been served with any papers stating that he couldn’t have contact with the Flynns. When Olympia Police stated that agencies had attempted several times but could not find Petrozzi to serve him, Petrozzi countered that he was serving “them” with legal papers and that he can have legal contact with them.

Petrozzi was arrested for harassment at 1:51 a.m., his vehicle left secured at the Shell station. He refused to provide a statement to give his side of the incident.

At the time of his arrest, Petrozzi  possessed enough cash on hand to bond himself out of jail. Police stated that they believed that if he did so he would return to the Flynn’s residence. Olympia Police expressed concerns to Pro Tem City of Olympia Judge Skip Houser by phone at 3:24 a.m., who granted a no-bail bond.


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