Tumwater's Davis-Meeker Oak tree

What is Administrator Parks' understanding of 'taking responsibility?' Here's a start.


Referring to "Tumwater city administrator takes responsibility for process that led to plans to cut down the Davis-Meeker tree," here are my thoughts.

Taking responsibility means acknowledging and accepting accountability for one’s actions, decisions, and their consequences, whether positive or negative. It involves being honest about your role in a situation and being willing to face the outcomes, both good and bad. It’s an important trait that helps build trust and respect in personal and professional relationships.


It is not intended as a mechanism for someone to provide a shield to others with no cost to themselves.  It should not be used as a blame-shifting technique.  If in fact others misbehaved, they are still culpable for their misbehavior - even if they were just following orders!

As to the shielder, in this case, Lisa Parks, a key requirement is being honest about your role in a situation.  That means disclosing every aspect of the situation including the participation of others.  Over the years, our local officials have treated "taking responsibility" as a "get out of jail free card.'  It's not.  If there is still blame attached to a situation, it needs to be accurately distributed among the perpetrators.

A key post-situation question might be, "Would you do it again?" 

~ Walter R. Jorgensen, Tumwater

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  • Grailking

    From what I can see, nobody is alleging that anyone is/was conspiring to remove the tree for their own advantage, profit, or enjoyment, so is a hunt for a perpetrator on whom to blame one's dissatisfaction with the situation warranted?

    Controversies of this nature are not familiar territory for 99.9% of people, so maybe we can't expect every step on unfamiliar ground to be sure and certain. I'm glad I don't have people second guessing my motives and trying to assign blame to actions I might have been able to perform more skillfully with the hindsight of experience.

    Thursday, May 30 Report this

  • RondaLarsonKramer

    @Grailking, Many are alleging the mayor’s office is/was conspiring as such. Please read the pleadings here: https://www.davis-meeker-oak.org/copy-of-legal-documents-1. It is easier if you use your computer when visiting that page, as opposed to a mobile device, fyi.

    Friday, May 31 Report this