Tumwater Mayor joins Barnes Lake Management District meeting for the first time


Tumwater Mayor Debbie Sullivan attended the Barnes Lake Management District (BLMD) Steering Committee meeting for the first time since she started her term in January this year.

Sullivan said that when she got elected to the post, she started to attend various committee meetings to meet and get to know the commissioners in Tumwater.

“One of my goals is to make sure that I understand and outreach to all the boards, commissions and partners of the city,” said Sullivan.

The Mayor commended the committee members for their “excellent work” and needing little to no supervision from the council, saying

“Not very many people or groups want to self-govern like that. I think that’s very outstanding that you do that.”

BLMD Steering Committee Chairperson Gary Bodeutsch expressed his enthusiasm for the Mayor’s attendance.

“I’m very happy to have her join us, [even if] we’re not a very important committee in Tumwater,” he laughingly said.

“But for us, it is very important, that is why we stayed here for many decades because we love Tumwater, and we love the administration we had over the years,” Bodeutsch added. 

Sullivan, however, did not stay throughout the meeting for the remaining agenda.

The Tumwater City Council created the steering committee of the BLMD on December 7, 2004, following the approval of a citizen petition of lake property owners to help improve aquatic conditions around the lake.

The committee serves as an advisory board to the council on planning, project implementation, and the allocation of assessed funds.


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