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Recipe: Croque monsieur - the sandwich of diplomats


Many people enjoy sandwiches from time to time. My family especially likes a favorite called Croque Monsieur. It is versatile, warm, filling, and may be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or weekend brunch.

Croque Monsieur is an easy-to-make turkey or turkey and/or ham sandwich, that is dipped in egg batter and then pan-fried in butter.


Makes one large sandwich, which can serve two

2 large slices of sourdough bread
3 - 4 sliced deli Turkey or a combination of Turkey and sliced ham
2 slices of mild cheese, such as Monterey Jack, Swiss or Muenster
1 Tbsp. of Dijon mustard
Thinly sliced tomato, typically 2-3 slices per sandwich
4 large eggs, beaten and poured into a pie plate
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
2 Tablespoons of butter

Raspberry jam or confectioner’s sugar to garnish


Place the butter into a large frying pan on low heat to melt and warm the pan.

Beat the eggs and mix in the cinnamon until you create an egg batter.

Make the sandwich:  Place Dijon mustard on one side of each slice of bread. follow with cheese, tomato and meat, and then put the sandwich together.

Carefully dip the sandwich into the egg batter in the pie plate until both sides are coated.

Adjust the temperature of the frying pan to medium, and place the sandwich in it to cook. 

Cook 3-5 minutes on each side. Once the first side is golden brown, flip the sandwich over and cook until golden brown as well.

This is side two of the Croque Monsieur sandwich, nearly ready to serve.
This is side two of the Croque Monsieur sandwich, nearly ready to serve.

Move the cooked, now warm and bubbly sandwich off of the skillet, cut into two portions, and serve immediately with raspberry jam or sprinkle confectioners sugar over the top.

You have created a sweet and savory delight!


Shannon Beigert is a chef and baker who loves to entertain guests at her Olympia home. If you want to let her know that this recipe worked well for you, send her a note at


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  • Pacifca815

    I’m sorry but that is a Monte Cristo Sandwich! A Croque Monsieur is not a fried sandwich nor dipped in an egg batter. It is made with slices of brioche bread, French ham only no turkey, Gruyère cheese & Mornay sauce (or a Bechamel sauce). The sandwich is made by placing some of the Mornay sauce on a slice of brioche, top with the ham, then the Gruyère cheese, more Mornay sauce then the second slice of brioche & then topped with more Mornay sauce & Gruyère. The sandwiches are then baked until baked through then browned under the broiler til golden brown. This obviously is a fork & knife meal but is quite different from a Monte Cristo sandwich & is extremely delectable.

    Monday, February 26 Report this

  • JasonS

    Pacifca815 is exactly right. The article and recipe are definitely NOT describing a Croque Monsier, but rather a Monte Cristo. And when making a Monte Cristo, I seem to recall a dusting of powdered sugar and a little bit of some kind of jam are involved.

    Wednesday, February 28 Report this