Pun Intended Punslam at Cryptatropa Bar

As featured in Punderneath It All, Documentary at The Seattle International Film Festival 2023!! Can stream online until Sunday, May 28.
What is s Punslam?
Come along as we walk you through this event...
Step 1: Arrive - A fantastic decision; you’re already winning!
Step 2: Decide if you intend to compete, would like to judge, or just sit back and enjoy the show.
Step 3: If you decide to compete, you are now an Intender, intending to win, just bring 2 mins of punny material or figure it out when you arrive!
For example, if your prompt is “cheese” your schtick could go something along the lines of, “Wow, everyone here is really lookin’ Sharp; I hope y'all don’t get too Shredded! Are you little Munsters spending lots of Cheddar tonight? Tipping your bar staff, I hope!” You will also receive a drink ticket, and the chance to win a prize!
If you decide to be a judge, you will be handed a dry-erase board and marker (for the evening).
3 rounds
Up to 6 Intenders (aka participants)
5 judges
1 ChampiPun!
In between rounds, local comedians will be performing punny sets!!! How AWESOME is that?!!
How The Competition Works:
Round 1 - In pairs of two, Intenders (volunteers from the audience) approach the stage and are given a prompt to collaboratively pun with (no one goes on stage alone for the first round and we are making friends here)!
Round 2 - The Intenders come up one by one to share their puns with the prompts of their choice.
Round 3 - The top 4 punners pun-off head to head until we have a ChampiPun whose win is decided by the audience!!!
They receive a prize, bragging rights, and big cheers! Ready for a terrific night of fun and laughter?
Pun-slangin', community buildin', laughable time! Puns are celebrated, groans are encouraged, & folks compete to be the next champipun!
It is an amazing, unique show!!
Pay what you are able to suggested $15+
Event Date
Friday, June 2, 2023
Event time
6:30 PM


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