Please vote NO on Olympia/Tumwater Proposition 1


Regional Fire Authority - Prop 1

Please vote NO on Olympia/Tumwater Proposition 1 in April.

Biggest tax increase in the history of either Olympia or Tumwater.

No new firefighters, fire engines, aid cars, or fire stations funded in the 7-year "Strategic Plan" for the RFA.

Charges the smallest homes at a higher rate than the largest homes.

Most voters do not follow the smaller agencies, like the Port or PUD, and the RFA will be in the same boat.

Nearly all of the $10.5 million initial Fire Benefit Charge goes for duplicative administrative expenses and for pay raises for existing highly-paid employees.

The "Pro" campaign has financial support the firefighter unions (RFA’s huge salary increases). Prop 1 is supported by the city councils because they want to free up revenue by shifting the cost of the fire departments to a new taxing authority.

We have excellent fire departments, accountable to voters through the City Councils we elect. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

~ Mark Mahaffey, Olympia

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