Olympia wants graphic artists for mural tour


The Olympia  Parking and Business Improvement Area Board is looking for artists for its new mural tour. 

In its press release, the committee is looking for seven artists or graphic designers to create button designs, maps, and coloring sheets to be used for their Art Adventure Club Mural Tours which encourages people to explore downtown Olympia by having them decorate and mark a map featuring murals spread across the neighborhood.

Interested artists must live within 30 miles of Olympia and must submit their application by Mon., March 21, 11:45 p.m.  If selected, they will receive a $500 honorarium.

The map for the mural tour, currently featuring salmon murals around the downtown area, is available at City Hall,  the Olympia Center, and whyigodowntown.com. Completing the tour by finding the murals and decorating the map will entitle you to a commemorative button at Olympia City Hall or the Olympia Center.


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  • Cobbnaustic

    I find that if you dare to explore downtown carry a zip lock bag of nickels and cigarettes so when you get swarmed by the drug zombies you can throw that in the air and they will turn on each other while you make your escape.

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