New Traditions Cafe re-opens remodeled after six-month closure


New Traditions Cafe today rejoined its sister operation, New Traditions Fair Trade Gallery, as an open and ready business.

The Cafe was closed for six months both because of pandemic restrictions and to make room for new paint, new lighting, a new outdoor (covered) patio and new kitchen equipment. 

"No more microwaves. We've had this beautiful organic food and we were warming it up in microwaves!" said owner Jody Mackey who, with soon-to-be-former business partner Stacy Muguet, acquired the cafe from founder Dick Meyer in 2018.  

Instead, she's ordered two impingement ovens to warm up the quiches, sandwiches, lasagna, enchiladas and "yammy sammys."  This is a type of convection oven that employs an impingement nozzle to blast hot air directly onto food, cooking it four times faster than a conventional oven, according to its manufacturer and faster, according to Mackey, than a microwave oven.  "The speed of our food line will improve," she said. 

Another change: "We've bought an industrial juicer," Mackey said.  They're making several kinds of vegetable and fruit juices "with lots of ginger," she added. 

The menu's "pretty much the same, but we've added minor things and juices. More beer and wine, more kombuchas."  Eight flavors of hand-scooped ice cream continue to be available. 

Mackey is buying Muguet's share of the cafe and store.  Muguet will be "our overseas purchaser. We're getting a jewelry business going in Bali, she's going to Mexico for us in August."  Muguet will be the fair-trade buyer for other retailers as well.  "Stacy realized that through her hand she has brought over half a million dollars over the past 30 years to artists in third-world countries. That's made a huge difference to women's cooperatives and to artists' cooperatives, mostly in Bali and Mexico."

Concerts return in September

"The Righteous Mothers are scheduled September 18. Appearing today is Fleming Behrend. He's beautiful. Before the pandemic he used to come and perform once a week," Mackey said.

The grand re-opening continues tomorrow. Visitors on Sat., July 10 will be offered free "wellness shots," vegetable and fruit juices made in the cafe. 


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