New hire accused of stealing $800 from cash register in 2 weeks


An Olympia woman who was recently hired at a Tumwater Walmart was arrested on suspicion of stealing $800 from the cash register in two weeks, later admitting that she took the money for gas and food.

Tumwater police arrested Jennifer M Bourke, 48, on April 7 after a Walmart asset protection team reported a theft at the Littlerock Road store.

The team leader told police that cash registers assigned to Bourke had been missing money for the past two weeks at the end of the day. The team said they reviewed surveillance footage that showed Bourke taking money from the registers after transactions.

According to the police report, the videos showed Bourke taking money from the customer and placing some of the cash in the register while setting others aside and later “palming” it.

Photo courtesy of Tumwater Police Department
Bourke was seen on video keeping some of the cash handed to her by a customer.

The team leader said the next transaction would appear normal, but Bourke’s left pinky and ring finger would be seen curled and holding money that she would place into her pocket once the transaction was complete.

The responding police officer said the footage matched the asset protection team’s statements.

Based on the store's financial records and surveillance videos, the team leader said that Bourke took $800 from the register.

The asset protection manager questioned Bourke about the incidents. After Bourke filled out a Walmart Voluntary Statement Form.

In the form, Bourke wrote: “Second day of working on a register I needed money for gas and or food. Being unemployed for 6 months and not receiving unemployment I’ve needed gas or food. I have not received a full paycheck yet so I have been unable to maintain a living. This has occurred on more than 1 time and I am unaware of how much or when these times occurred."

Bourke was terminated from the store and police were called.

The suspect was booked into the Thurston County Jail for second-degree theft, embezzlement.