Man arrested after throwing rock at Thurston County deputies’ vehicle


In an incident Tuesday, Thurston County deputies were faced with a confrontation at the Capital Mall parking lot.

A male suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed at this time, allegedly hurled a rock at the deputies' windshield, which led to a foot pursuit and physical altercation.

In a social media post, the deputies were patrolling across the parking lot when the suspect threw a rock at the deputy’s windshield unprovoked. The deputies immediately pursued the suspect on foot as he attempted to flee the scene.
According to witnesses at the scene, the suspect was seen “swinging” at the deputies.

The rock that was thrown at a sheriff's deputy patrol car.
The rock that was thrown at a sheriff's deputy patrol car.

The Olympia Police Department responded to the deputies’ request for assistance, given the absence of nearby county deputies, and the suspect was successfully arrested and taken into custody.

The suspect was booked into Thurston County Jail on charges of felony property damage and resisting arrest.

Authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident to shed light on the motive behind the attack on the deputy.


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  • SaraLynn

    This is just another example of the hate and disrespect that has grown for our police and deputies in Western Washington. Thurston County deputies are usually pretty cool, but other police departments contribute to the hate that many have for law enforcement. For example, the JBLM Police Department is massively corrupt, spies on the civilian community and falsifies evidence in cases to harass anyone they don't like. - There is no excuse for throwing rocks at the police / deputies, but we need to get rid of corrupt and abusive departments (like JBLM Police) if we want to build respect for law enforcement in the area.

    Thursday, August 24 Report this