Election 2020

Locals and visitors react to presidential election results

"It’s felt like the fourth quarter of the Seahawks game has gone on for days," according to one shopper


OLYMPIA -- On this cold Saturday morning, we ventured outside to see who wanted to share their thoughts about this historic Presidential election.

Here's who we found. 

Newlyweds Dawn and Robert Rochette, visiting Olympia Farmers Market from Poulsbo, are a microcosm of the country as a whole. Robert “was going to move to Canada if Trump got in for another four years," he said. Dawn holds the opposite view: “I hate it. I fear what will happen to this country, run by a man [Biden] who I believe has dementia. And I think he hides in a basement.  I don’t think he’s going to be effective.”

This being Olympia, most of the comments were positive, but several were shadowed by concerns about those who voted for the President. One Olympia man who preferred anonymity said, “I’m happy for the ultimate result [of the election] but I’m not happy that it’s exposed quite a few divisions within the country. It’s not good for the democracy for it to be so polarized.”

Angela Leonard, of Olympia, said she is “relieved. Deeply relieved, yes.  I don’t think it’s over, though. I think we’re going to have to endure more pushback from the Trump Administration, based on everything he’s shared [such as the] baseless allegations of [ballot-counting] fraud. That’s my main concern.”

While huge crowds gathered in major cities across the country, Olympia was mostly quiet this morning. An exception was an impromptu parade that gathered behind Glenn Blackmon and his wife. “We felt like we just had to get out and celebrate with other people, as little as you can these days,” he said. They grabbed their U.S. flag and a Biden-Harris yard sign and began walking. “We started walking downtown and the honking ensued. We started with just the two of us, my wife and me, and then we were five and I think we’re about seven now.”

“J” of Thurston County is so concerned about her physical safety that she refused to provide her name or allow a photograph to be taken of her.  She said she voted for Biden, explaining “he wasn’t my candidate, but he turned out to be the man for the times.  I mean, his whole story is remarkable.  When his son Beau died, he was worried about how his father would be after he was gone and he told him to find a purpose. Find a purpose. And boy oh boy, it’s the stuff of myth, I think.”  But she’s concerned about how some Trump voters will react.  “I wish I didn’t have to be afraid. I’m a little worried about violence and retribution, just for saying these simple things.  I still feel that, I’m sorry.”


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