Intercity Transit hosts 36th Annual Bicycle Community Challenge this month


Intercity Transit is hosting the Annual Bicycle Community Challenge in Thurston County this month.

 Bicycle Commuter Challenge Coordinator Duncan Green said the 36-year-old event is the longest-running bike challenge in the region.

"We want to encourage the community to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike, both to individuals and the community's health and well-being," said Green.

Green added that Intercity Transit promotes transportation choices that are sustainable, livable, and healthy. He said that active transportation, such as riding a bike, helps improve the quality of life for all Thurston County Residents.

Bike to Work Month

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) officially recognized the month of May as Bike to Work Month at its meeting on Tuesday, May 2.

"[We encourage] all citizens to put forth their best effort to reduce single-occupant motor vehicle trips to reduce air pollution, energy consumption, and traffic congestion," the proclamation read.

The BOCC said it supports alternatives to inefficient drive-alone trips by building bicycle facilities.

For those interested in joining the Bicycle Community Challenge, visit for more details.


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