How can Olympia face climate change?

The city wants your thoughts


Olympia is reminding community members to participate in the Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) survey on the city’s website to help the city determine its vulnerability to climate change.

Pointing out that assessing vulnerability and risk is the first step to building resilience to climate impacts, Olympia said, “The CRVA will lay the foundation for future climate adaptation projects and planning in Olympia.”

According to the city, the CRVA will involve three steps:

  1. Identify and assess exposure to hazards caused or made worse by climate change.
  2. Examine the potential impacts on populations, systems, assets or services that are vulnerable to those hazards will be examined.
  3. Rank the various climate-related risks according to their seriousness.

There will also be a Community Project Team, composed of Olympia community members, who will participate in the CRVA’s development.

“The purpose of this team is to share a diverse range of perspectives and insights on potential impacts of future climate hazards in our community,” the city explained.

Olympia is also offering to meet local communities and organizations to discuss the survey.

Community members may contact Climate Program Specialist Hannah Ljunggren at 360-753-8377 or for more information.