County’s board of health to grow to eight members by July 25


Thurston County needs to name five new members to its expanded Board of Health (BOH) by July to abide by a new state law that takes effect July 25.

In an email, Thurston County Public Information Officer Bryan Dominique told The JOLT that the new BOH is to comply with House Bill 1152 with the board composed of:

  • three county commissioners
  • an elected city official appointed by the city
  • a tribal representative appointed by the American Indian Health Commission
  • three community member positions appointed by the Board of County Commissioners

House Bill 1152, signed by Governor Jay Inslee  May 10, 2021, will take effect on July 25 according to the Washington State Legislature website.

“The city elected official serves a two year-term on a rotating basis from Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Yelm, beginning with Lacey,” said Dominique, “and is appointed by the city.”

The tribal representative will be chosen by the American Indian Health Association, added Dominique, and will sit on the board for three years, with an option to serve for another three-year term.

Dominique said the three appointed positions will be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The ordinance states these positions will be:

  • a member representing public health, health care facilities, and providers
  • a member representing consumers of public health
  • a member representing other community stakeholders

The county information officer quoted the ordinance, saying “If the Board of Health demonstrates that it attempted to recruit a member from each of the three categories and was unable to do so, the board may select members only from the other two categories, provided that no more than one member may be from one type of background or position.”

“The recruitment process is still being sorted out, but the county is working diligently to start the process,” Dominique said.

Dominique also clarified that the board members will not be paid for their services, nor will they be reimbursed for their expenses.


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