City of Olympia to build three dog parks

See map for locations


“It's a celebration,” Councilmember Lisa Parshley said after the Olympia City Council shared its plan to open not just one but three dog parks during the regular city council meeting yesterday evening. 

City Engineer Jake Lund told the council that the city is preparing to open dog parks in the following locations, Evergreen Park, Ward Lake Park, and McLane Parcel. The project is planned and headed by the Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation.

For Ward Lake Park, Lund claimed that the city planned to fence off and divide the site into two areas. The proposal is that one area will serve large dogs and cover three acres. The other area, for small dogs, is slated to be just over half an acre.

In addition, Lund shared that for the Evergreen location, the city plans to add one acre of a fenced dog park. The city would also include new improvements such as additional pathways, ramps, railings, and concrete paths leading up to the dog park.

The newest acquisition is the McLane Parcel which is part of the Olympia School District property. Lund said that they plan to build four acres of fenced area for big dogs and half an acre for small dogs. Since the site is fairly new, Lund shared that the city would also provide associated parking.

Moreover, each of the three locations will have an open kiosk that provides park-goers with garbage receptacles, dog waste bags, and park signage. Lund added that they plan to open the three parks at the same time to ensure equal foot traffic.

The announcement came after residents expressed a need to have a designated off-leash dog area in the city. In fact, before the project proposal, the use of park areas for off-leash dogs had led to conflict between residents and had resulted in the closure of Sunrise Park in 2013.

During the discussion, Councilmembers Lisa Parshley, Jim Cooper, and Pro Tem Mayor Clark Gilman expressed their excitement to open the dog parks. Based on the bid summary, the city is estimated to spend at least  $307,211.61 for the construction of the three parks.

The city has yet to announce the date for its opening.


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  • AJoytoknow

    So like 9 acres of land to have dog parks!? So oly city council values yuppies puppies more than the many people who need homes? One of the main reasons I am told that affordable housing is so hard to supply is the land. I'm told there is no place to build affordable housing. It costs too much to gain land. But that's obviously not the case. I love dogs. I have utilized dog parks myself. I'm not against them so much as I'm pro housing for our brothers and sisters being left behind. Always left behind. Treated as an after thought city council wishes they didn't have to think about at all. From what I understand there are many homeless students in our school districts. Why isn't land next to a school being used to develop housing for homeless students and their families? That's a large piece of land, many homes could be built there. I think helping families living in poverty should be more important than appeasing yuppies with puppies. Put your dog on a leash and take it for a walk, leave valuable land for humans in much need to have homes, not for dogs to shit all over. Shameful! Shame on oly city council (again and again and again)

    Thursday, June 10, 2021 Report this

  • Blockme45

    I think this is great. The previous comment is someone who should move to Idaho.

    Sunday, October 10, 2021 Report this