City of Lacey declares Arbor Month

Mayor to donate one of his own trees to Yelm


Lacey, which has received the Arbor Day Foundation’s “City of Trees” designation for the past 30 years, renewed its commitment to the environment as it declared August as Arbor Month.

During the regular city council meeting on Thu., Aug. 19, the Lacey City Council read a proclamation recognizing the city’s Arbor Month Celebration, an event which is meant to encourage residents to support the city’s efforts to care for the woodlands. The celebration also encourages planting of trees “for future generations to enjoy.”

In their proclamation, the city recognized the benefits of having trees in the community such as reducing erosion, decreasing heating and cooling costs, and providing renewable resource for wood products such as paper, and fuel for fires.

Aside from its environmental benefits, the city also recognizes that trees increase property value and boost economic activity in the area. 

In addition, Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder also shared that the city held an annual tradition of giving trees to neighboring cities. For this year, the Mayor plans to informally donate a cedar tree from his backyard to Yelm, another “City of Trees.”

Lacey Community Relations Specialist Jenny Bauersfeld shared that the city had lined up several activities in celebration of Arbor Month. This includes a tree search bingo game, weekly fun fact, and trip for trees. To learn more about the events, visit Lacey’s Facebook page.

The first Arbor Day celebration began in 1872 in Nebraska when Sterling Morton, a local official, made a proposal to the Nebraska Board of Agriculture to set a special day dedicated to planting trees. This action led to the planting of more than one million trees.


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